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Better-performing professionals

Skills, preference, interest, and talent: your professionals maintain a detailed profile within the ValuedProfessionals environment.

Colleagues can be requested to leave feedback on a profile or do so of their own initiative.  Managers and supervisors can oversee the entire process. 

This process creates a realistic and objective profile, in which the professional identifies their qualities and hones their development.

This stimulates independence.  The result: noticeably better performance.

Vacancies filled more quickly

Via individual profiles, ValuedProfessionals inventories the relevant professional and personal qualities, preferences, and ambitions of your workforce.

Strict exclusion criteria are also incorporated into the ValuedProfessionals environment.  All data is simple to break down into clear management information.

With this insight, internal candidates are quickly selected through a targeted approach, based on reliable and relevant information.  This also reduces incidental hiring.

Strategic planning

ValuedProfessionals gives clear, rich and detailed HCM guidance over areas such as the skills, talent development, and flexibility of your workforce.

Your organization is able to see exactly what the in-house human capital consists of.

This makes it simpler to analyze the available workforce and to successfully adjust policies to suit future needs.

ValuedProfessionals allows for continuous guidance and optimization of the collective workforce. This structurally lowers the costs of external hiring.